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Having a New Friend for Supper (closed RP!)

"You wanna put that instrument in the caisse cher?" Dev said with an amused smile as he watched Joan organize what little space she had. He did nothing to assist.
There were a few quiet chuckles out of him, and a small crinkle of his nose when she slammed the door. Ah whatever, this truck was tough, she could take it.
He rolled down the window - it was manual - and the engine flared to life.
Dev nudged his aviators down to look over the top of them at her. “Why thank you,” he said, and they pulled out.
"Radio’s all yours boo," he started. One elbow rested out the window, his other hand was firmly on the wheel. "We’re headed back to my place. You ever been to Rocket headquarters? If there’s one thing they got there, it’s one grand, grand kitchen. And a whole gaggle of hungry.. GOOD FOR NOTHIN’S." He laughed. "Makes makin’ food worthwhile at least, not a lick of it goes to waste."

Joan looked down at the bass, then back up at the dashboard. 

"No," she said.

The bass was the most precious thing she owned: it wasn’t going in some crappy rustbucket pickup bed if she could help it. No, it’d stay right here in the crappy rustbucket pickup front seat where she could see it, thanks.

She saw Dev roll the window down, found the crank, and started to roll hers down as well as the Gourgeist talked. He sure talked a lot. She put her arm out the window like he was doing and looked out at the passing scenery. Her attention to the radio was only enough to find a station blaring London Calling, then she sat back and watched the window.

"Uh," she realized she had been asked a question. "No, I’ve uh, pretty much only been to the stadium. And this street. And that bridge."

She pointed with her club as the landmark passed them by.

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my overwhelming desire to share all of my writing ideas and stories and characters with everyone is only countered by my crushing paranoia that everyone will steal them.

nerdsrow asked
ask and you shall receive!! When worldbuild or even character building, what comes first? personalities and how things function or what do inhabitants/the settings look like? What are your favorite personal designs and what types of design looks/personalities/stories that inspire you? Are they your own or things you see?

gasp always~~~~

super long so yeah under cut

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northern-mutt asked
Boop! How long have you had the idea for "Hans Vogel is Dead"? When did you develop your passion for history and/or the Cossack people? What character are you most proud of that you have created?


Hans Vogel is Dead has been around in one form or another since 2008. He didn’t get to be a Nazi until 2010, though. \ouo/

I’ve been interested in history since pretty much forever :’D the Cossacks, ennnh, probably 2009/2010. Fairly recent in the scale of historical obsessions I have. They’re still super cool though~

As for favorite characters….mm. Probably Amadeus. He’s my baby~

hoenniswheretheheartis asked
If you found yourself in a scenario where you have to spend exactly $1,000,000 every day, how long do you think you'd last before you wouldn't be able to make the quota?

as long as it takes to repay my student loans