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zannyblogging asked

Tickle: character discovering the other is ticklish

The pair sat, eating sandwiches, on the edge of the roof. Far (or at least far enough) below, a garden bloomed. The lawn sloped gently down, and a fallen ladder marked the end of their safe options down. Morrigan did not seem perturbed.

"So," she said. "Is it ticklish?"

Felix looked over, chewed, and then swallowed.

"Is what?"

"The dragon. Kohle. Is it ticklish?"

"Oh," Felix went back to his sandwich. "Oh yeah, very ticklish."

"Mm," said Morrigan.

They continued eating their sandwiches.

doodlemoot asked
How about Peace or Surprise for ER or PRAU Sergei and Lulu? :U

Peace: spending a quiet moment together

Light filtered through the leaves of a large tree, through open flower petals, greedy for sun, over gently waving branches, down the thick trunk and onto the two people sitting on the ground underneath. Patterns of green and gold and the occasional pink flickered across the ground. Two separate uniforms, one red and black, one blue and silver, lounged against the roots, and two pairs of eyes, half-lidded, stared at nothing in dozing contentment. Birds sang in the trees.

A slight breeze sighed, and for a moment, the war was far, far away.

ask-lets-teams asked
Can I can I? Unrequited, Realize, or Cute? c: Saul x Hypno, MB x Pyotr, or even platonic MB x Kushka? Your pick!

Cute: something one character finds cute about the other

Pyotr sat on the edge of the fence, his crest raised, and surveyed his domain. He was the Czar. He had proven himself in battle, earned a really badass scar on his face, and now he truly had won the right to be king. He opened his mighty wings, which could blow a hurricane when he wished, and stretched, showing the world his glorious body. Yes, it was good to be the Czar.

It was then that something caught the corner of his eye. It was another braviary! There, below him! It had its crest raised too! And its wings spread! It looked almost as magnificent as him!

He turned around to face it, and as he did, it turned around to face him. Oh, a challenger?! Pyotr would tear it to pieces! Come get a piece of glorious Czar, strange lower bird!

Murder Bird watched her companion fluff up, open his beak, and hissed.

"Pee-yoter," she said. "You know that is your reflection?"

Sure, she reflected as he dove into Kushka’s trough. He was dumb, but someone had to like him.

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miss-sleepy-head asked
Tickle between Sergei and Gwen or any of Sergei's pairings?

Tickle: one character discovering the other is ticklish

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